Honor God With Your Body

Welcome to B.A.B.E.S. - or -  Beautiful Accountable Babes Exercising Sensability!
We are a 13 week, Bible based, women only, highly successful, weightloss and exercise program.
We are women helping women in one of the most sensetive areas of our lives - our weight and self-image.
God made us strong and beautiful and it's time we start honoring Him by caring for the temples he gave us.
Don't try to do this alone, take our hand and let us lead you in the first steps toward a healthier lifestyle
This isn't a DIE-it this is a LIVE-it and we are helping women change and become healthier and happier one pound at a time

Need more info or want to join? Contact us us today

Our BABES Prayer:

Dear Lord,

I know that I am a temple of your holy spirit. 

I want to take care of my body

And not do anything that will harm it.

Please help me to pay attention….

To what I eat and drink, and keep myself fit

I want to be a living sacrifice to you!


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